Fun Facts
8.) When president Abe Lincoln said in his Gettsburg Address,"Four score and seven years ago.." he meant 47 years.  A score is 20 years (a decade is 10 years).
9.) The measure of a yard was originally the distance from the nose to the outstretched arm and middle finger of English King Henry I.
10.) Friday is the most frequent day on which the 13th falls.  see # 87
11.) The only whole number that cannot be represented in Roman Numerals is zero.
12.) The word century originally meant 100 soldiers, later a group of 100 of anything (for example 100 apples was a century of apples).  Now it only applies to only years.
13.) The symbol for division \div (a line with a dot above and below it) is called an obelus.
14.) The mathematical name for a doughnut is a torus.
15.) In Roman Numerals the symbol for 1/2 is S (from the word semi).
16.) In Roman Numerals the symbol for 5 is V. By putting a small bar over the V the 5 become 5000 ( the same is true for any symbol). So by putting a small bar over an M (1000) the M becomes a thousand thousands or 1 million.
17.) In England our game of Tic-Tac-Toe is called Noughts and Crosses.
18.) Opposite faces of a die always add to 7.